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The travelling girl who once had the brilliant idea of writing a blog but never did – Part 3

Brisbane. Before I’d arrived I had Already decided it was probably a dull place to be,having heard mainly boring or negative things about it from people in passing but actually I have adored my time here. Me and Luke planned to stay for about a week whilst we sorted our next little travel plans out for up the coast. We got to the coach station and ate our first McDonald’s of many. Things to eat – that are cheap or relatively healthy especially,only stay open until about 5pm which is pretty annoying.
During our last week in Sydney and our few weeks in Byron Luke and I had been using the money from my account as he had not yet transferred his money over from his English one. It was about the fourth day in when he did the almighty mis hap of transferring it all into his superannuation account by accident- for all you non Ozzy folk ( his pension scheme) which we were told you could only get back once you had left the country. It was safe to say we were in deep doo doo. Both of us were kicking ourselves when we found out. We knew this meant we now had to stay here and work/ potentially go home! I rang my dad and told him the situ-being the beaut he is, he leant us both some money which covered our hostel rent and food for a few weeks. If he hadn’t of done that we would of been home a long time ago. Thanks papa bear. X you da best.
Luke found work with a hospitality agency fairly quickly which I soon after joined too. He also got a job in a super yummy ice-cream shop called Movenpick. Mint choc chip is so good… I think like most other backpackers I’ve spoken to I also had a fundraising job for all of 3 days. Horrendous- hats off to the sort of person who can do that all day. Eek I can’t. I’ve actually had some really amazing times working here. I loved working at the law firm in the city as the ‘HouseKeeper’ this basically meant I made sure the tea, coffee and biscuit supplies were fine and dandy. I was suprised at how lovely all the people were there, even though they clearly earn’t a lot of money I didn’t see any nasty snooty people! On my last shift there they invited me to the after work drinks! I also consumed a lot of free earl grey and digestives in my time there too lol. I was pretty pleased to be requested back on several occasions πŸ™‚ OMG – I also worked at a Justin Timberlake show. I worked on a bar for two hours and then was allowed to watch the show for 15 mins- I was actually in there for over an hour :/ oopsie, he was just too good I couldn’t peel myself away. Uh-mayzing. So dreamy.
For my last five weeks in Brisbane I also worked at Burger Edge. Everyone needs to try one of those things, the vegetarian pulse burger and the chicken deluxe are the bomb. I was really sad to leave there actually 😦 loved the team and the job was so relaxed!
We spent most of our time in Brisbane staying at Base Embassy.I would definitely recommend this πŸ™‚ staff are really nice and over all it’s a good vibe. My fav group of people in the legendary room
Of 403 were when Me,Luke Julia, Nik and Jack were all in together. Nik was Luke’s pal from Sydney and jack was mine- they joined up with us again a few weeks after we got there .Julia is a lovely German girl we met in Brizzy. To name
But a few memories- playing Rumikub, drawing horrific self portraits of each other and pinning them to our beds, Julia discovering she liked baked beans, ( this was a big deal haha) Luke and Nik talking ‘politics’ and conspiracy theories for hours on end,and me contributing with apparently ingenious child like solutions lol, Jack coming out as Gay and us being like WE FIGURED
haha!!, Honey Whiskey and Coke, Sitting in the corridor to get internet,50 cent hungry jacks Ice cream night time runs, and the wonderfully annoying curtain the lets all day light in. Ofcourse we have met some other nice people in our room at times- but those days were the best.
I literally can’t believe how at ease I became about living in a hostel and having such a tight budget. Don’t get me wrong I still spent my time dreaming about Clinique skin care products, a shower that wouldn’t give me varukas, and a kitchen that contained basic things like an oven, but in terms of my moods and anxiety that I can feel at times, I’m pretty proud of myself with how I remained positive most of the time πŸ™‚
South bank – the part of town across the river, and the Botanical Gardens make Brisbane for Me! On my days off I would often sit at one of the two either sunbathing, reading and using the free Wifi. So beautiful and relaxing, it’s a nice escape from the city hustle and bustle.
We managed to cram in Australia Zoo in our last week- and a Kangaroo boxed me in the face when I was trying to get a photo with it. I sware this could only happen to me. Haha! Luke was laughing his head off. Koalas are also now my favourite animal. Wow they are the cutest. Over all it was a great day and the best Zoo I’ve ever been too. The Croc show was amazing.
I really wish that I had started my blog before travelling as it gets so hard to remember and write down the whole authentic experience, as I write this post I’m currently sat on a coach on my way to Airlie beach. 18 hours eek . Feels so strange to be moving on after four months and finally having enough money! So happy we managed to save enough though. I’ve got my iPod In- currently listening to Queen B, looking out of the window and blogging my reflections πŸ™‚ In my next post I can finally write in the present tense!
Here we go…..