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Blah blah blah show me the photos

Hello everyone,

Whilst travelling it’s often so difficult to get access and time to put all my lovely pictures online. Hence why my blog at the moment is quiet bare.

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The travelling girl who once had the brilliant idea of writing a blog but never did…Part two

I loved Sydney. I think it’s such a beautiful and iconic city. It’s got such a great mix of smartly dressed people scurrying around to their offices and people with dreadlocks, guitars and surfboards waiting for the bus to head to the nearest beach. It did leave me feeling confused at what to wear though. I could go outside wearing my smartish top, skirt and leopard print shoes and feel like I fitted in to then wonder ten minuets away and deeply regret my outfit choice. I soon decided shorts or a dress and flip flops were the way forward.My first taste of hostel life staying at BASE, next to Sydney’s well known scary canary bar was such a laugh. Everyone in my room had just arrived. We all got on so well, I remember not going to sleep until at least 4 am for the first week simply because we all couldn’t stop chatting and laughing hysterically from jet lag. Of course there was the token ‘I’m better than you and i’m going to try steal your boyfriend girl’ she drove me a bit crazy at times but in the end we just settled it with a mutual not acknowledging each other, and my boyfriend thinking she looked like a rat ๐Ÿ™‚ a lovely girl called Kate who I met in my first week gave me a free surf lesson she didn’t want to use! I headed to Maroubra beach with the very dashing surf instructor for the day while he called me ‘Kate’ the whole time as that’s what the voucher said haha! I thought I better not tell him my name was Chloe In case I wasn’t allowed to then do it! Surprisingly, I loved surfing. Un surprisingly I’m not a pro.

Everything sounded so expensive when we first arrived ! As the figures are nearly double what they are in England. After our buzz of seeing all the main sites and eating ‘$10 steaks’ for the first 2 weeks we soon realised money would soon be gone if we carried on. I applied for so many jobs but the only thing that came back to me was an au pair job near Bondi. I decided to take a risk as it meant free accommodation and food. Looking back this was an incredibly strange decision seeming as this meant I had to live in with the family away from Luke while he stayed at the hostel in party Central. It was tough…

2 months of being an au pair for a family of 3 boys and 1 new born girl gave me an insight into the ozzy way of life if your under ten. The 2 year old Finn was … An absolute nightmare. I’ve never seen a two year old scream as loudly as he can, for as long, as often. My favourite times with him were spent walking to the park in the morning. He was a lot calmer, and the view from the park was incredible. It looked right over the city.
Being an au pair can be really lonely at times and there were many things I struggled with, such as the mother being very ‘hormonal’ from just having a baby and feeling like I was always on call. I now look back on this time with really fond memories though. I was really lucky to be in such a nice house in the beautiful area of Dover heights. I used to take the bus to Bondi all the time. There are some amazing local cafรฉs along the beach front. I have to mention the ice cream shop ‘Messina’ omg you have to go there. It’s soo goooood. My favourite flavour was fig and Marsala wine. There is also a great little up cycle clothes shop down one of the side streets unfortunately I can’t remember the name!

I don’t know if any of you have Heard of the contraceptive implant called implanon? But NEVER get it! It turned me into a complete psycho. Fair enough I was feeling down with the situation I was in, missing home and Luke but my goodness that thing messed up my moods. I blame having that in my arm for my really low moods during the first 3 months of travelling. I finally got it out and Luke and I both noticed a huuugeee difference in my behaviour almost straight away. It was crazy.

I was relieved to leave Sydney to be honest as it had been a really stressful time for me towards the end. Me and Luke had had some horrendous arguments and it was time to chill out and spend some quality time together…. Byron bay was THE perfect remedy.

A German guy wearing harem style hippy trousers drove us from the bus stop to what has become our favourite hostel. If you go to Byron bay be sure to visit backpackers inn! It’s a magical little town full of floaty clothes wearing people, and raw food delights. I remember writing a post card while I was there and describing it as Byron ‘wheat grass’ bay, to sum it up :p Oh to be back in the sunshine, lying down in a hammock in the garden reading Anne frank. One of my best memories from this whole time is the morning we borrowed bikes from the hostel and drove up to the lighthouse. I hadn’t ridden since I was about ten and had to be re taught by Luke, it was so funny. It’s Also the most eastern point of mainland Australia which is pretty cool. I was exhausted by the time we got to the top of the hill and treated myself to some amazing mars bar ice cream from the lighthouse cafe. Everyone told me they had seen dolphins and whales up there and I’m sure I saw big splashes in the distance from one of the two, I still desperately want to see some up close.
Byron bay’s night life isn’t exactly the best thing you’ve ever seen but it was fun. I found it refreshing that you could go into a ‘club’ with flip flops and literally do nothing with your face and hair and no one would bat an eye lid. Oh yeah, I also entered a bikini competition, cringe. I genuinely thought, why an earth can’t I win this $300? I look so hot right now. Aka reaallyyyyyyy drunk. I think the fact the bar man told me he would give me free drinks all night if I entered also helped. I was stood up on a table along side tall, washboard stomached girls while my boyfriend bless him, cheered me on. He may of been the only one cheering. Haha!!! Safe to say I didn’t win! Screw them aaaallll haha!!! I had fun!
After all the relaxing, embarrassing myself, and gorging on $5 dominoes pizzas we set off up the coast to Brisbane…




The travelling girl who once had the brilliant idea of writing a blog but never did…. Part one

So, back in March me and my boyfriend Luke set off on our travelling adventure. For both of us it was our first long haul flight. I remember being so paranoid about getting a blood clot, I had my flights socks on and made sure Luke wore his too even though he thought it a little unnecessary. Every 2 minuets I was doing some sort of weird foot movement to keep the blood flowing. I have to say that flying with emirates was a very pleasant experience, the planes ceiling had twinkly lights that resembled stars and I remember thinking I liked the air hostesses uniform consisting of bright red lipstick (along with clothes haha!) we were also incredibly lucky that our flight was pretty empty which meant I could lie down across a whole row of seats for about 5 hours of it! I kept forgetting that I was going travelling and was more focused on not dieing, drinking water and trying to get some sleep.

We had a quick change over in Dubai airport- I was told not to be drunk or hold hands with Luke as we could potentially be arrested for it. I was too tired to do either of those things luckily! We then jumped on the plane towards Bangkok.

It was night time in Bangkok when we finally arrived. I couldn’t believe we were here! We jumped in a taxi and handed the driver our ripped out page from the travel guide that had the name of our hotel on. He nodded and then asked to ring the hotel to ask for directions, which I found a little strange but there must be thousands in Bangkok. As we were driving down the incredibly busy motorway I remember just staring out the window, exhausted, trying to take everything in, to the left of me I saw two parents and a tiny little girl of about 2 years old all huddled up zooming next to us on a blue scooter, I nudged Luke. Obviously health and safety was not an issue here.
We got out of the taxi at our hotel and it smelt like you could catch something from just breathing in. As we entered the hotel I was relieved to find such polite and welcoming staff along with fresh smelling air! Our room was perfect and had a massive bed! we got the important stuff out of the way like eating the free pack of Oreos and trying on the dressing gowns, and then braved the world outside .

I’m not going to lie I was scared to even cross the road ! There didn’t appear to be any traffic lights, and from observing others the method seemed to be just walking out into the road whilst about five million scooters all beeped their horns at you and swerved. Some how we made it. We were staying in the ‘China town’ district of Bangkok so I think a lot of the strange street food that we saw was Chinese. I held my breath and probably pulled quiet a rude facial expression. The meat out in little glass trolleys looked like it had been festering there for weeks. We decided plain noodles was brave enough. We ate our plate of food a table literally on the side of the road, in that moment I actually really enjoyed myself. All the bright lights from the buildings, the hundreds of scooters whizzing by and there was little old me tucking into some grub.

The next day me and Luke both wanted to get going and do something fun even though our body clocks did not feel the same. We met this really sweet Thai guy called Tony, who said he would personally drive us round for the day and take us to the floating markets and what ever else we decided for a really good price, after Luke had bartered with him of course. The floating markets were so interesting, i brought some mango and coconut rice from a lady passing by. My first taste of my soon to become Thai addiction. We also shared a pad Thai which also become our go to dish. On the way back we visited a temple, I’m not sure which one it was unfortunately but it was beautiful on the outside, inside gave a more eary feel which isn’t surprising as there was a dead monk in a glass box on show. I remember also picking a stick with a number on- and then whatever number I got I would take a piece of paper out of that corresponding box to be given a future reading. Mine said something about marrying a widower! Not sure I’m a big fan of that haha. After that we then made our way to a little place just outside of Bangkok where you could ride elephants. It was an incredible experience being so close to such a magnificent animal. I stroked the top of her head, it felt so rough and surreal. She was so gentle. Even though I’m happy to of done it I do think its sad. The elephant didn’t seem to be in distress but also didn’t seem to look overly happy. I do Believe they deserve more respect than they are given.

It took us an eye watering 21 hours to make it down to phuket, luckily it was the most glamorous coach in the world. Can you detect my major sarcasm? Naturally within the 21 hours I needed a wee. I made my way to the make shift toilet, saying make shift is generous. The toilet didn’t have enough room for you to put your legs around it and even hover above. I had to hover sideways and aim. It was horrendous ladies. There was wee all over the floor – not just mine I’d like to add! Thank God I had tissues in my pocket as of course there was non. The whole experience was Hilariously disgusting,if that’s such a thing. Apologies if that was a little more information than needed but my goodness me.

Some generous friends of my parents had allowed me and Luke to stay in their amazing three bedroom apartment in Phuket for 5 weeks. It was such an amazing place. We spent most of our time there sunbathing, walking around the town, getting massages for the equivalent of about ยฃ6 for 2 hours and eating lots of yummy food. This stage of our trip was always intended to be just a time to relax and be. We had both just worked really hard saving money to come away. It was a much needed rest, and a blessing to have this place for free as we had not been as sensible as we should of been when it came to saving up! In comparison to Bangkok it seemed like the most tranquil place on earth. One of my highlights was definitely meeting apartment 6C’s gorgeous maid called Mon. She was literally one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met. We became so close! She used to bring me so much delicious fruit, Thai mangoes are the best! She also gave me a cooking lesson on how to make sticky coconut rice as she knew I loved it. In return I offered to buy her some new trousers like mine as she had previously asked to try mine on! I tried to get her to choose some online but she felt too bad, in the end i had to give her mine which was also hard to get her to except, once she had she was really happy which I was glad to see. I could go on and on. She was amazing. I heart Mon. This is one of those rare times that I love Facebook for being Able to keep in contact with her ๐Ÿ™‚

On our journey over to Sydney we got stopped at customs by the royal Thai police… Apparently we had over stayed by five days. Who cares? They definitely did haha. Oopsie. I think all they really cared about was us paying money! I was just happy to make it onto our flight…