Florence and the machine

I recently went to see Florence and the Machine with my friend Ellie in Hyde park. They have this festival thing each year called British Summer time. Some other really good people were headlining this year too that I would have loved have seen such as, Mumford and Sons ( I’ve seen them at Reading festival a few years ago and they were incredible, and Stevie Wonder because he’s an absolute babe.


florence xx .jpg

The Festival was pretty packed, which sometimes I can’t seem to deal with, but I actually felt ok which was good. It also blimmin tipped it down at one stage, classic British festival, and everyone got soaked but after that one little episode it stayed dry which was cool.


florence x

My friend and I managed to get to the front of the second set of barriers so we could see the stage really clearly and see the band etc.


Florence was just such an amazing performer. She made me feel like I was part of some sort os spiritual meeting haha. Her voice was incredible and she had such lovely things to say. She told the crows how this was the end of her long tour and she felt sad but also really happy to be ending it in London with us all. She also asked us all to put our phone away for one song ‘How big, how Blue, how beautiful’ so that we could just connect for that moment and remember it in our memories. It felt really special/ Dweeby haha. I absolutely loved and and would 100% recommend going to see her live!!






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